∞†Good For The Heart Soul Food!†∞

Chef's Corner

The managers of jireh's soul food restaurant is minister patricia and Cornelius dobbins they have been married for 16 years and in business for 3 years and more. They have 13 children 7 boys 6 girls and 2 grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins have been giving to the community for years and trying to make the world a better place by leading people to god and the right directions.



Monday: Smothered /Baked Chicken/Fried/Smothered Liver


Tuesday: Pig Fee/Pig Ears/Hog Maws/ Chitterlings and Pot Roast


Wednesday: Fried/Smothered Pork

Steak & Meat Loaf


Thursday: Barbecue Neck Bones

Barbecue Rib Tips


Friday: Fried Fish & Salmon

Croquette & Fried Chicken


All Lunch and dinner plates are served with two sides dessert and sweet/non sweet tea & Lemonade

Alternatively, add a soda for a $1.00

Fired Chicken Served Daily with

Cornbread or Roll

∞†Good For The Heart Soul Food!†∞